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XBL Reward’s Play to Earn Program Kicks Off

XBL Reward’s Play to Earn Program Kicks Off

As of today, the Xbox Live Rewards program is kicking off MyPunchcard, its new Play to Earn program. As the name implies, Play to Earn allows Xbox Live Rewards members to earn extra rewards by purchasing and playing select games.

The month of April is dedicated to Xbox Live Arcade. The tier-based scheme offers players bonus Xbox LIVE Gold subscriptions and free avatar items and Microsoft Points for playing and buying XBLA games. Playing 20 hours of “any combination of arcade games” will entitle users to a free avatar item, while those who purchase any four XBLA games for 400 MSP or more will receive a one month Xbox LIVE Gold membership. Meanwhile, those who spend 3200 MSP on XBLA games will receive 800 Microsoft Points in return.

This April will see the launch of six new arcade titles: BattleBlock Theater, Double Dragon II, Motocross Madness, Sacred Citadel, God Mode and Monaco.

To participate in the program you’ll need to be an Xbox LIVE Gold member and have signed up to Xbox LIVE Rewards.

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