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Stealth B**tard Creeps onto PS3 and Vita this Summer

Stealth B**tard Creeps onto PS3 and Vita this Summer

Indie developer Curve Studio has announced that stealth, puzzle-platformer Stealth B**tard, will be released for PS3 and PS Vita this summer.

In this port of the cult PC sneak-‘em-up, Stealth B**tard tells the story of a goggle-wearing clone who must escape from a sadistically designed laboratory filled with booby traps and deranged robots. The game features 80 HD levels spread out over eight unique worlds, and includes speed-run leaderboards, a level editor and cross-buy/cross-save functionality.

Furthermore, Curve Studios is offering gamers the chance to rename the game for its release on PSN since Sony is rather touchy about crude titles.

We’d like to present our fans with an opportunity to be a part of Stealth B**tard’s journey to PlayStation,” lead designer Sam Robinson writes on the PlayStation Blog. “We want to rename Stealth B**tard to something less profane… it’s just too rude!” Submit the winning title by April 14, and you get a Vita, a copy of the game, and a credit.”

Just remember to keep it clean, folks.

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