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OPEN ME! Heading to the PlayStation Vita

OPEN ME! Heading to the PlayStation Vita

According to the PlayStation Blog, PlayStation C.A.M.P!’s OPEN ME! (originally debuted as Box! Open Me at the 2012 Tokyo Game Show in Japan) is coming to North American for PlayStation Vita.

Open Me! is an augmented reality box-centric puzzle game which requires players to interact with a series of switches, puzzles, traps, and other obstacles in an attempt to…wait for it…open the box! As I said, OPEN ME! is an augmented reality game, meaning you’ll be using the Vita’s cameras, tilt and touch features to look at each box from all sides before beginning to crack it open. A coop mode lets two players work together on more complex puzzle boxes, with each player given their own view of the same puzzle from their own Vita screen.

We’re not sure when OPEN ME! will make its way to the North American PSN, but the game will be playable at the upcoming Game Developer’s Conference, so we’ll hopefully have some new information for you then.

For now, check out the below trailer from Japan. Sorry, wind is not included.

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