Review Guidelines


We originally did not want to include a rating system to our reviews, since we feel that many people just look at ratings and stray away from reading the article. With its addition we wanted to make sure we can provide real value to our readers.

When you read our reviews, know that we base our analysis on the overall experience of the title. We use a 5-star rating system. Our reviews are based on “should you play this title”, and not “should you purchase this title.” Everyone has their own opinion in what the “best video game experience is”, we believe that the much more valuable commodity is your time, and our scoring system reflects that.

5 stars: Guarantee enjoyment
4.5 – 4 stars: Fans of the genre will definitely want to experience this title.
3.5 – 3 stars: Enjoyable experience, just don’t expect anything groundbreaking or original
2.5 – 2 stars: Only if you are a true fan of the genre and you have nothing else to play
1.5 – 1 star: – Just simply avoid contact and step away

Most of the time we are provided with vouchers or copies by the publisher or developer so that we can review the game. But on the off chance that we are not given a copy, we will pay for the game out of our own pocket.

We rate our games based on the titles within the genre or franchise, ex. downloadable titles will be solely compared against other similar downloadable titles. The same would be for franchises, as the latest entry will be compared against its previous iteration.

We strongly recommend that you read the review from beginning to end and not judge our review solely on our rating system – only a Noob would do that.