Max: The Curse of Brotherhood Leaves it Mark on XBLA This Spring

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood Leaves it Mark on XBLA This Spring

Press Play has announced that they have been at work developing a sequel to 2010’s Max & the Magic Marker, entitled Max: The Curse of Brotherhood.

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood mixes traditional Scandinavian storytelling with an inventive and colorful 2.5D platformer, combining classic jump and run gameplay with smart and innovative puzzles. As he progresses on his adventure, Max’s magic marker will gain amazing powers. Draw platforms, vines, water, and more with the marker to help Max solve environmental puzzles. He must use these powers to travel through the elaborate cave systems, forests and gloomy castles of Anotherland to save his brother, who he accidentally banished.

“The game is built on foundations of Max & the Magic Marker but is more of a reboot than a traditional sequel. Max is still the star but this game is not aimed only at children. The target audience is broader and the core mechanic – the marker – has been refined greatly.” stated Lead Game Designer Mikkel Martin Pedersen.

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood is currently only scheduled for Xbox Live Arcade and is planned for release this Spring for 1200 Microsoft Points ($15). We will have a hands-on preview with the game during PAX East, so be sure to check back here to find out more.