Special Forces: Team X is Now Available on XBLA

by on February 6, 2013


Microprose, together with publisher Atari, Inc., announced today that fast-paced, stylized violence of Special Forces: Team X is now available on XBLA. Developed by Zombie Studios, creators of the hit Blacklight series, Special Forces: Team X is a fast-paced tactical 3rd person shooter with a twist. Throwing customization fully into players’ hands, STX features a real time map selection system where the battlefield is divided into three zones, with the layout of each determined by the teams prior to the match. With over 100 possible combinations available, each match will have a unique look and feel, for a constant tactical challenge.

Similar to Black Ops, you can build the perfect load-out through customizable skill-sets using distinct tactics and special abilities. Create and upgrade an arsenal of lethal weapons, including rocket launchers, grenades, machine guns, and exclusively licensed weaponry like the Kalashnikov, Famas, and Sig Sauer; there are even attack dogs that can be unleashed into battle. Or if you want to get a little up close and personal you can also pick-up a chainsaw and go all Leatherface on your opponents. Equipped with real-world weapons, take charge and head into battle with 5 multiplayer modes that include new game-types like Hot Zone and High Value Target, each supporting 2, 3 or even 4 teams.

Special Forces: Team X is currently available for download on XBLA for $15 (1200 Microsoft Points).

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