Sacred Citadel

by on November 7, 2012

From the creators of the Sacred series, we now have the upcoming downloadable title Sacred Citadel. Developed by Southend Interactive and published by Deep Silver, Sacred Citadel combines the signature RPG elements with an evolving combat system and sophisticated game design to keep the arcade-style action from getting repetitive.

Players can choose from several character classes, such as the Safiri Warrior, the Ancarian Ranger and the Khukuri Shaman, each with a different skill set that can be further individualized through RPG features and collectible items. Each character will also have the ability to dual-wield two exchangeable weapons, use combo attacks and perform double jumps. Heavy and light attacks change based on your directional input as well as which weapons your character wields. At any given moment, players can switch between two types of melee or ranged weaponry.

Beyond the satisfaction of taking out countless enemies with the weapon of your choice, complete with visualized, comic book-like impact and lush, colorful graphics, Sacred Citadel drives you through its world with abundant loot drops. New weapons, pieces of armor, and unlockable abilities empower your character. Players will also be able to ride mounts, use war machines and spend their hard earned cash in towns all over the world of Sacred Citadel.

An engrossing multiplayer mode allows up to three players to join forces against their enemies in seamless drop-in/drop-out coop mode. All of this comes together in a meaningful way. Your team’s abilities play off each other, so while an archer distracts a gigantic fist-fighting tree boss, others can attack and heal as necessary. These classes do a great job of keeping each other safe because of their unique skills.

For those who are fans of the Sacred series, it should be noted that the events in Sacred Citadel will act as a prologue to Sacred 3 and will unveil an intriguing secret about the Seraphim.

No word on an official release date but Sacred Citadel will be available on XBLA and PSN sometime in 2013. Pricing has not been announced yet.

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