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Tales of Xillia Receiving Collector’s Edition Treatment

Tales of Xillia Receiving Collector’s Edition Treatment

Namco Bandai announced that Tales of Xillia is getting a collector’s edition in North America and Europe.

Tales of Xillia is a PlayStation 3 exclusive and will release on August 6th of this year. The $99.99 collector’s edition will come in limited edition packaging and will include the game, a limited edition Milla Maxwell figurine, a 100-page art book and a music CD.

The game, which marks the 15th anniversary of the Tales franchise, will utilize motion capture for the first time in the series’ history, and will feature artwork inspired by Tales of Graces and Tales of Vesperia. The 13th entry in the long-running series, players will choose from between two main characters, Jude and Milla, to experience the story from their perspective.

It will also be the first in the franchise to offer 3D environments, as well as an over-the-shoulder viewpoint, as opposed to a traditional top-down view.

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