Pokemon Rumble U Launches in August

by on July 18, 2013

The Pokemon Company and Nintendo announced today that Pokemon Rumble U will launch August 29th exclusively for download in the Wii U eShop for $18.

This new pocket-monsters title follows the adventures of a group of toy Pokémon that get washed away down a river and have to embark on a Toy Story-ish adventure to return to their Toy Pokémon Shop. On the way, they will unravel a mystery that explains why the toy Pokémon are fighting each other in locations such as Sparkly Playland, Mysterious Forest, and Blue Sky Park. Pikachu and friends will even encounter giant Bosses, and players can use the Wii U GamePad to set off Touch Blasts (bombs) when faced with multiple Pokémons at once.

The game will support solo play, or four players can play together cooperatively or compete against each other, depending on your mood. As you proceed, the more Pokémon you defeat, the more Pokémon you can befriend. With all 649 Pokémon discovered up to Pokémon Black & White 2 included, you’ll need to master strengths and weaknesses of various Pokémon. Other surprises and pickups will appear along the way—which will help strengthen the team, restore health, or cause damage to the opponents.


Similar to Activision’s Skylanders series, Pokemon Rumble U will feature optional physical toys for gameplay, sold exclusively at GameStop for $4 each. A total of 18 Pokemon toys will be available for purchase, including Pikachu, Victini, Deoxys, Eevee, and Genesect and they will link up with the game through the Wii U GamePad. Each toy can save in-game data, allowing players to take them wherever they go while keeping their statistics intact. Players can also change the moves or add special traits to their NFC figures to help make those Pokémon more formidable.

Will you be downloading Pokemon Rumble U? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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