Nun Attack Review

by on April 1, 2013

Originally released on the Android and iOS platform, Frima Studio’s quartet of heat packing nuns have taken their crusade onto the PS Vita. This is not a simple port, as this version touts improved visuals along with rebalanced weapons and leveling in comparison to the title’s mobile roots.

Nun Attack follows four nuns on a mission to rid the world of the devil’s minions being led by Sister Mortana, also known as the Fallen Nun. Eva is the well-rounded leader of your group, and then there is Rosy ‘the sharpshooter’, Olga ‘the tank’, and lastly Mandy ‘the healer.’

Starting off with one nun in your squad, Nun Attack has you traveling across 40 levels killing enemies like werewolves and vampires. As you complete more levels you will unlock team slots, allowing you to control up to four nuns at once. Each of the nuns have their own unique weapon, attributes and special abilities. Eva can deploy a decoy, Rosie can turn invisible, Mandy can restore HP to herself and other close-by nuns, and Olga can go into defense mode and take minimal damage. Annihilated creatures drop coins, which you can touch with your finger to collect. You can use these coins to purchase and upgrade weapons in the shop. There are more than 80 guns that each have their own special effects like stun, slow, fear and charm. In addition to their normal powers, the nuns eventually have access to several Miracles that can be activated by accurately recreating specific signs on the touchscreen with a few strokes.


Each level consists of two portions. The first section has you entering into a level, drawing a line for the nuns to walk to, while opening treasure chests, destroying portals and avoiding/reflecting projectiles along the way. It’s not the most entertaining moment of the game, but the second section compensates for it. During these sections you will need to take down an assortment of melee and projectile-firing devilish enemies. Simply drag a line to the enemy you want to attack and the nuns will initiate combat. The trick is coordinating your team to cover the most ground, all the while taking full advantage of your special powers. Each level is rated on completion out of three bullets; you must complete the level, and destroy all enemies and portals to get a full score. The touch controls are responsive, but I found myself wishing there was also an option to play using the button controls. Managing all four nuns can get a little chaotic and when surrounded by enemies, it can be difficult to properly control placement of your nuns.

Visually, Nun Attack looks great on the Vita. The graphics are crisp and the grindhouse art-style is presented with simple animation. A interesting blend of music and sound effects ties the package up nicely. For trophy junkies, there are six silver and nine bronze trophies to obtain. None are particularly hard, and anyone who finishes the game will easily obtain all of them.

In the end, Nun Attack can get quite repetitive at times, so I strongly suggest playing in short bursts. Beyond that, this is a humorous and enjoyable RTS for the asking price.

Release Date: March 19, 2013 • Publisher/Developer: Frima Studio • Genre: Real-time Strategy • Multiplayer: None • Achievements: Moderate • Cost: $2.99 • Replay Value: Moderate • ESRB: T for Teen

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