Go Retro: Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams

by on December 5, 2012

giana sisters twisted dreams

Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams is a new adaptation of the 1980s classic. Created by the German development studio Black Forest Games, which is Spellbound’s successor company, the game will be released in spring 2013 for Xbox Live Arcade. During its Kickstarter days, the game was titled Project Giana and its campaign raised $186,158, over $36,000 beyond the initial goal. The final title was also voted upon by the community, with Twisted Dreams receiving 76 percent of the vote.

In Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams, the player accompanies the two very dissimilar sisters on a journey to a fantastic world in which the sisters’ different abilities are the key to solving puzzles and defeating terrible monsters. Giana transforms herself with lightning speed to solve puzzles or make use of special abilities. With each transformation, her environment changes and only players who skillfully apply the right strategy can complete tricky levels and defeat nasty end-bosses.


  • Challenging levels: Discover three distinctive worlds with a total of 23 levels, which can be transformed from a colorful dream to an eerie nightmare at the push of a button.
  • Personal style: Regardless whether you dash through the levels in speed-run or take your time to explore every last corner, Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams offers something for everyone.
  • Superb graphics: Dreamlike landscapes transform themselves from lush, resplendent surroundings into surreal, withered nightmare worlds, in which there are always new details to discover.
  • Intriguing puzzles: Blocked paths open up when Giana transforms herself; lovely flowerbeds mutate into deadly thorn bushes, and some diamonds can only be gathered in one form or the other.
  • Diverse playing modes: The game is challenging in normal mode, but it can be a truly harrowing experience in hardcore and super-hardcore modes.
  • Legendary soundtrack: Listen to Chris Hülsbeck’s music as it transitions from the classic chiptunes to the metal riffs of the Swedish SID-rockers, Machinae Supremacy.
  • Epic boss-battles: Whether devilish demons or powerful end-bosses, you will need every trick in your arsenal to defeat your opponents.
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