Giant Sparrow Hints at A New Project

by on March 20, 2013

Indie developer Giant Sparrow received much praise for their debut title on the PlayStation 3, Unfinished Swan and they have unexpectedly revealed their next project Edith Finch on their blog.

Details are rather scarce, well, there are basically no details at all. The studio claims that it is in an “early phase” of production, but that it wants to “start talking about it early”. According to the post, the developer’s not confirming platforms at this stage, but we can guarantee it will be exclusive to a Sony console as the team signed a three game deal with Sony last year and utilize Sony Santa Monica’s office for their own office space.

The post doesn’t share much information about the project at all, but it insinuates that it will be about “discovery” and definitely won’t be a sequel. As huge fans of The Unfinished Swan, we’re eager to learn more about the game. For now, we will analyze the above concept art until we can come up with something clever.

What do you think Edith Finch will be about?

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