Get Ready to Level & Gear Up in Sacred Citadel

by on February 27, 2013


Deep Silver today revealed more information about the RPG elements in Sacred Citadel. This side-scrolling action brawler is a new standalone title that is set in the universe of Sacred. Players can battle with up to three characters out of a total of four, and all of them can be leveled up during the progress of the game and acquire new skills. Since Sacred Citadel is also a unique co-op experience, the different ways you can develop a character plays an important role for the whole group. The four characters (consisting of the Khukuri Shaman, the Ancarian Ranger and the Safiri Warrior and a yet-to-be-revealed secret character) have their own skill sets that grant them stronger attacks depending on their experience level, which come to life when used in conjunction with each other.

Throughout the game, each character can pick up a host of new equipment: weapons that can be used to increase their attack values or armor to improve their defense stats. Weapon combinations can also be customized, so you can choose a weapon to stun your enemies while use another to slice right through them. Bolster your character’s stash with the treasures that you find during a mission and spend it at one of the many merchants in town. Players will also have a number of potions at their disposal, to regain health or refill the power meter to unleash devastating special attacks. All of this creates great depth, diversity, and most important of all, freedom, letting palyers approach the numerous challenges that they will encounter on their quest.

With these RPG elements plus unique weapon combinations, mounts, towns, a multitude of combat options and more aspects still to be revealed, Sacred Citadel offers unsurpassed depth in the genre of side-scrolling action brawlers.

Sacred Citadel will be out in 2013 on PSN and XBLA.

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