Dota 2 Will Soon Exit Beta

by on June 20, 2013

Dota 2‘s success has been enormous and shows no signs of slowing down. Dota (Defense of the Ancients) began as a collective mod project for Warcraft III started by a few members of Valve’s staff. It has since become successful enough to spark the most expensive esports venue in the world. The International tournament with prize money of over 2 million dollars. It has even placed the record for the highest amount of concurrent Steam players in a single game at nearly 330,000. The most remarkable fact in all of this is that this success has been accomplished while the game is still in beta with closed access.

Dota 2 is action real-time strategy at its finest with an intensely deep and complex gameplay balance. Players control a hero in two teams of five in an attempt to destroy each others stronghold through a combination of team coordination and carefully built heroes. Experience is gained and hero power increased by defeating other players in a constant tug of war between the strongholds.

It also features a very interesting system where players can develop content themselves and submit that content for Valve’s review. If accepted by Valve the content will then be incorporated permanently into the game. Team Fortress 2 features the same system which to date has resulted in over 3.5 million dollars in payment to the contents creators.

Dota 2 will finally enjoy its full release this summer (perhaps in time for The International 3 tournament in Seattle, Washington from August 7th- 11th) ending its current beta stage. It will be completely free to play and available exclusively through Steam.

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