DmC’s Bloody Palace DLC Arrives Next Week

by on February 13, 2013

DmC's Bloody Palace DLC

DmC: Devil May Cry‘s Bloody Palace DLC – which adds over 100 levels of increasingly challenging demon-slaying action – will be available next week on XBL and PSN. This update will include leaderboards and correct some noticeable bugs brought up to Capcom’s attention by the fans.

-Poison AI issue addressed (she no longer enters non-interactive state)
-Lessened damage and style boost from Demon Evade
-Arbiter “Drop” now causes damage and style gain even if jump-canceled
-Non-damaging moves no longer provide style points
-Damage done by weakest enemies increased
-Damage done by all enemies increased on Nephilim and Son of Sparda modes
-Adjusted attack (parry) windows for Rage spin move.
-SS and SSS will now decay back down to S if you stop gaining style
-No more eternal angel glide (where Dante flies around)

This update arrives on Tuesday, February 19 for PS3 and on February 20 for Xbox 360 in the US.[post-views]

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