DayZ Standalone Game Brings On the Dead

by on June 18, 2013

Bohemia Interactive’s DayZ mod for Arma 2 was an enormous success with over 1.7 million players and soon it will be a standalone game.

DayZ is a hardcore zombie survival experience set in a world consumed by hordes of lethal zombies and cutthroat bandits. It stood out from the crowd with a very unique combination of features such as open world design, uncompromising system of permanent death, and its MMO format. Every death means starting over from scratch and according to DayZ’s website the average life expectancy is one hour and nine minutes. There are no missions or assigned objectives and all content in the game comes only from the players themselves and this has resulted in a relentless survival of the fittest. In a time when games are becoming progressively easier DayZ offered refreshingly unintuitive gameplay with a serious learning curve. As any player can tell you the first rule of DayZ is “trust no one.”

The mod has been so successful in fact that Bohemia has decided to create a standalone game. They have stated that the first order of business is tightening the bugs that have plagued DayZ so far and implementing a much stronger anti-hacking system. But it doesn’t stop at the basics. So far Dean Hall (who heads up the development team) has announced many gameplay enhancements as well. The gunplay has been tightened up, visuals enhanced, more interactive buildings, an improved loot system, an all new crafting system, new wardrobe, a new inventory system, destructive environments, improved HUD, revamped audio, much better animations for humans and zombies, a feature where you can now acquire diseases and spread them to other survivors, and a lot more.

It has also been announced that DayZ will probably come to next-gen consoles after the initial PC release which is slated for this year. It is still unclear about whether or not current DayZ owners will be offered any kind of discount on the standalone game. If you aren’t familiar with DayZ be sure to check it out here It is a rare and awesome experience.

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