COD: Black Ops 2 ‘Uprising’ DLC Review

by on May 4, 2013

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, being a part of one of the biggest gaming franchises ever, has never ceased to impress with the release of new and exciting map packs. But as the deadline grows closer and creativity is scarce, can the almighty Activision still maintain the admiration of their following, with iffy DLC such as Uprising? Featuring 4 new multiplayer maps and yet another frightening zombie experience, Uprising shines in certain area, but falls short in others.


Probably the most concerning map from the DLC pack is ‘Magma’, because dodging and killing enemies isn’t difficult enough, let’s add a freaking volcano. Similar to the Hydro map featured in the previous map pack, you are up against another environmental hazard – lava. Taking place in a modern Japanese town during the midst of a volcanic eruption, ‘Magma’s’ concept may seem exciting and dangerous at first, but sadly it is not. Although there are sections of the road that have been carved away and collapsed, providing some varying elevations, the lave is stationary. Once you’ve learned the layout of this rather large map, it’s easy to forget about this hazard. The reason for mixed feelings probably roots directly to the fact that the map could be seen as childish and lacks a sense of nostalgia.


Maneuvering through the clouds and across pillars, ‘Vertigo’ requires you to act fast and think on your toes. Set on the rooftops of a high rise in India, you will be forced to engage in combat across a landing pad, a dangerous lobby and through a transportation dock. One misplaced step while running around a corner or across a beam could mean the difference between a long tragic fall to the pavement below, or a rewarding kill streak.



‘Encore’ takes place in a small outside concert arena in London. It may seem like a long stretch, but frankly it is what it is, as the center of the map is eclipsed by the concert stage, making it a coveted position –if you can hold it. It’s ridiculously tough to do so because of several different vantage points surrounding it. The downside is that the map is very open, so don’t stay in the spot light for too long, or you may find yourself getting sniped from across the map.


You asked for it, and Treyarch brought it back! New and improved, the memorable Black Ops favorite ‘Firing Range’ has been re-invented as ‘Studio’, a Hollywood film lot. Even though ‘Studio’ might be the map you already know, the changes to the design and decor makes it a whole different experience. There’s a lot of variety in pathways and elevations, making it a map that is not camping friendly. This level is visually appealing as you run for cover behind a variety of classic and modern day movie sets like the Wild West and a Sci-Fi backdrop. Probably the most popular of the DLC, ‘Studio’ gives players the opportunity to experience an all-time favorite with a new refreshing twist. Definitely worth it for the nostalgia.

Mob of the Dead

New map, new characters, new guns, new perk(s), same zombies! Uprising takes the classic zombies we know and love to a terrifying new level with ‘Mob of the Dead’. You will get to follow classic actor-inspired gangsters — Ray Liotta, Chazz Palminteri, Michael Madsen, and Joe Pantoliano, who lend both their likeness and voices to the mode. It’s set against the backdrop of Alcatraz, where the four gangsters are currently locked up and planning an escape. With completely new concepts such as afterlife, boss battles, and zombie eating hell-hounds, there is always a surprise around every bend. Typically the main objective is to obtain perks, aim for the head, and reach the highest ground possible; but for ‘Mob of the Dead’ your objective is to locate enough parts scattered about to build a small airplane. Whether you’re a zombie fanatic, or a “not-so-much” type gamer, ‘Mob of the Dead’ is the star of this DLC.


Aside from the standard co-op objective based mode, there’s a 8 player survival mode called ‘Grief.’ Splitting into two teams, one consisting of the four gangster characters, and the other the wardens from Alcatraz, you roam the cell block section taking down wave after wave of zombies. Chaos insures when realize that the undead are the least of your problems, as your team members and opposing team are out to attack you as well. That’s right, at some point you’ll have to turn on each other to secure a victory. It’s pure pandemonium!

Overall,Uprising is a worthy DLC addition to Black Ops 2. Although it’s a bit pricey (if you don’t have the Season Pass) and these aren’t the best COD maps, I’d definitely suggest downloading it just to experience the ‘Mob of the Dead’ mode.

Coming soon to PlayStation 3 and PC on May 16th

Release Date: April 16, 2013 • Publisher: Activision • Developer: Treyarch • Genre: Action • Multiplayer: up to 18 players (online) • Achievements: Moderate • Cost: 1200 MSP ($15) • Replay Value: Moderate • ESRB: M for Mature

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