Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

by on November 3, 2012

Made in collaboration with film maker Josef Fares, developer Starbreeze recently showed off its upcoming adventure title Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, a story about two young brothers who set out on a journey to find the “Water of Life” – a cure for their ailing father. Along the way, players will have to solve puzzles using the brothers’ differing personalities and abilities, befriend mythical creatures, and explore mysterious locations.

Built with the Unreal engine, the setting are visually striking and reminiscent of the Fable universe. The camera often pulls back to show off the expansive vistas, the autumn colors, amazing mountain views, and flowing creeks that create remarkable surroundings to explore. Big brother and little brother are both controlled by a single player from an isometric viewpoint. Controlling each brother is simple and innovative as each is assigned their own separate analog stick and action assigned trigger button.

As players make their way across the world they will begin to realize that each brother has a different personality matched with unique abilities. The younger brother is playful and agile while the older brother is responsible and strong. These attributes affect the way they interact with the environment and other characters, resulting in different outcomes.

The brothers’ physical abilities will be used to solve an assortment of puzzles. For example, big brother may be required to give his younger brother a boost up to a ledge, to which a ladder can be dropped for him to use. Much of the game’s charm comes from the characters’ reactions to each other and the beautiful environments they explore. There is no real spoken dialogue, but the characters express themselves with their own Sim-ish language and animated, dramatic movements that convey their emotions.

Starbreeze mentioned that Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons will be a bite-sized experience – lasting about three to four hours – and is designed to be played entirely in a single sitting.

An official date has not been released yet but we can expect to get our hands on Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons early 2013 for XBLA and PSN.

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