Black Knight Sword Arrives on XBLA Next Week

by on December 6, 2012

black knight dated

Suda 51 is ready to take center stage again. Grasshopper Manufacture, the twisted minds behind cult-classics like Shadow of the Damned and No More Heroes will be releasing their second collaboration with Digital Reality next week on XBLA. The puppet-style side-scroller Black Knight Sword, features constantly-shifting paper cut-out world, in the story of a Black Knight on a journey to destroy the Evil White Princess, that’s right, no princess will be saved here. The main weapon the knight will have at his disposal is the spirit sword, Black Hellebore. In its passive state, Hellebore is can be used to carve his way through ravenous paper wolves, malevolent faces, and spring-loaded horse heads. But Hellebore can also turn into a ranged weapon when the Black Knight sends its fairy out to damage enemies.

Black Knight Sword will be available on XBLA on December 12th.No price has been announced yet. Click here to check out the official website.

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