Best Games To Help Shed Those Extra Holiday Pounds

by on December 3, 2012

Does the holiday season leave you feeling bloated like a Boomer from Left 4 Dead? Luckily, we partnered with the latest fitness website, to show you how a little exergaming can help get you back in shape.

Originating in the ’80s, Exergaming (a combination of “exercise” and “gaming”) debuted with the Power Pad for the NES and the Foot Craz for the Atari 2600. Over the years we continued to see more and more video games aimed at getting us off the couch, but it wasn’t until Konami’s Dance Dance Revolution did exergaming really hit its stride. With all three major video game systems offering either sensor or motion controllers, there has been an influx of exercise titles. Whether you want to burn off those extra holiday pounds, get more physically active, or just learn a few new moves, there is a fitness game that’s right for you. Here are a few of the most enjoyable titles we’ve played:

Dance Central 3 (360)

Dancing is great cardiovascular exercise, making Harmonix’s Dance Central 3 one of best ways to get rid of those love handles while learning some new dance moves. This latest entry is the most accessible of the series with a variety of songs ranging from the ’70s to current pop hits, and multiple difficulties catered to either professionals or rhythmical challenged individuals. Each mode will leave you sweating but Fitness mode allows you to perform a marathon of songs with minimal interruption. With the ability to input key information like height and weight with the Kinect PlayFit app; players will be able to track create weekly goals, accurately burn calories, and post their results on Facebook. Whether you want to sweat to the classics in the “70’s Grooves” routine, test out your endurance with “The Long Haul,” or simply create your own custom playlist; Dance Central 3 is ready to help you reach your goal.

Headlock Tip: Add that extra “umphh” to your dance moves. Research shows just 30 minutes of dancing can burn roughly 350 calories.

NBA Baller Beats (360)

When NBA Baller Beats was first announced we were a bit hesitant about performing crossovers and pump fakes in our living room with a basketball. It’s difficult to categorize this game but if Guitar Hero and Dance Central had a baby that was then adopted by Michael Jordan – this would be the end product. Uneasy at first, our nerves began to settle as we got into the flow of dribbling the basketball to Missy Elliott “Get Ur Freak On”, Skrillex ” Bangarang”, or Onyx “Slam.” Slowly our inner Derrick Rose appeared – or so we thought. Surprisingly the game worked great even on carpet. After about 30 minutes we felt as though we were ready to head down to the basketball court and show off our new skills. Not only will players burn off some calories but they will also work on their reflexes and coordination. With three different difficulties to choose from, NBA Baller Beats will certainly give you a full body workout.

Headlock Tip: Basketball is a form of metabolic conditioning which trains your fast-twitch muscle fibers. Incorporate 1 game per day and enjoy those chisel legs, arms, and core. Perform high-intensity movements and repeat.

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