Indie Talk: Grip Games/Terrible Posture Games

For years, console gamers (myself included) have been envious of the indie titles available only for PC. Thankfully publishers like Grip Games are partnering with other studios and bringing their games to the console platforms.

Indie Talk: Poppermost Productions

Video games based around skiing and snowboarding tend to focus on allowing players to speed down a mountain and launching off ramps while performing ridiculous tricks. But Poppermost Productions, a small developer based in Stockholm, is hoping to take virtual skiing and snowboarding to a more realistic approach with SNOW, the first open world, free-to-play […]

Indie Talk: Moon Spider Studio

Founded in 2009, Moon Spider Studio, located in gorgeous Key Biscayne, Florida, is home to a collection of veterans and youngbloods focusing on high production values, top-notch visuals, and fun gameplay.


2013 Reader’s Choice Gaming Awards

With the release of next-gen consoles and a steady release of top-notch titles, 2013 has been a great year to be a gamer. From multi-million dollar titles like Grand Theft Auto V and BioShock Infinite to small-budgeted indie titles like Gone Home and State of Decay, now is your chance to voice your opinion for […]

Indie Talk: Seaven Studios

In a time where we’ve grown accustom to seeing countless titles get cancelled due to limited funding or the closure of publishers, the story behind the fruition of Ethan: Meteor Hunter and Seaven Studios is rather inspiring.

When Sonic Met Contra — Here Comes Rocket Knight Adventures!

The 90’s were a fun time weren’t they? Sega and Nintendo were going at each other for your dollars and what we got as fans were great titles. Which leads me to my next point.. mascots. Mascots play a huge role in establishing a brand.


21 Questions With Julie Nguyen

During the golden-age of gaming, male and female were segregated. Games like Mega Man and Double Dragon were aimed toward boys, while girls were stuck playing games based around Barbie. But as the industry evolved, so did its audience

Slaying the Dragon: Super Mario Bros.

One of the most memorable and recognizable video game theme songs comes from the 8-bit era. If you do not know it, chances are good that you have been living under a rock for the better part of the last three decades. If you haven’t guessed by now, that theme song I’am referring to is […]

Q&A with Curve Studios

Ever since their debut on the PSN indie scene with its volatile platformer Explodemon, the talented guys and gals at the London-based developer Curve Studios have made quite a name for themselves.


21 Questions With Scott Zientek

Digital downloads, ROMS and emulators have allowed us to accumulate and play a large assortment of video games we may have never had a chance experience during our childhood. While these digital versions may satisfy some gamers, others are waking up early on the weekends to rummage through flea markets and garage sales in hopes […]

Q&A with InterWave Studios

As part of the TechConnect holding, developer InterWave Studios is proud to tout that they are “above all, we’re gamers.” Their first release, Nuclear Dawn, was a post-apocalyptic first-person shooter real-time strategy hybrid video game built off the Source engine.

Top 10 Reasons to Start PC Gaming

The PC is a superior platform in many ways and if you haven’t experienced it you are truly missing out on the strongest and most progressive gaming platform ever.


Original Xbox Titles That Should Be Resurrected

When Microsoft joined the console wars back in 2001, they had a lot to prove to gamers, especially those who were a member of Team Nintendo or Sony. Although the Xbox touted some nice features like

Q&A with The Behemoth

Founded by veteran console developers in 2003, The Behemoth has quickly evolved into a powerhouse indie developer thanks to fun and humorous titles like Alien Hominid and Castle Crashers.

Games Are Getting A Litte More Shocking

Human Computer Interactions Conference in Paris has an shocking invention for gamers.


How Not To Celebrate May The Fourth

2013 has been a rough year for fans of the Star Wars universe, making this year’s May 4th aka May the Fourth, a mixed bag of emotions.

The Confessions of an Achievement Point Junkie

Hi, my name is Ray and I am addicted to unlocking Xbox 360 achievement points. There, I’ve admitted it. Am I ashamed of it? Hell no!


21 Questions With Britt Brombacher

We’ve all dreamt about it, quitting our dull day job to pursue a career in something we are passionate about. That is why our first entry into our Gamer Fame is a quite admirable story.
Tales of Xillia-screenshot

Why You Should Be Excited For Tales of Xillia

Almost twenty years ago, a developer called Wolf Team started what, in my opinion, is one of the most underrated series of all time.

Telltale Games’ ‘The Walking Dead’ Rises With a Discount

Running over the next few weeks, Telltale is discounting The Walking Dead across multiple platforms including iOS, Xbox LIVE Marketplace and PSN.


50% Off Select Ubisoft Titles on Xbox Live

Make sure you conserve some Microsoft Points for next week, as Ubisoft is following in the footsteps of Square Enix and slashing the prices on select titles and DLC.
square enix xbla deal

Deep Discounts on Square Enix Titles On Xbox Live

Until the recent On Demand sale, The Xbox Marketplace has failed to offer an substantial discounts on titles or DLC.

Celebrate March Savings.. Sony Style

Senior Manager, Digital Distribution Pierre Gravereau just posted on the PlayStation Blog a great promotion catered to making purchased on PSN.


Q&A with Creat Studios

PlayStation fans are accustomed with the work of Creat Studios. With an expansive library of PSN-exclusive downloadable titles, such as Mushroom Wars and Labyrinth Legends, the studio has developed a reputation for releasing fun, addicting titles.
xbox 360

Huge Games on Demand Sale Hits Xbox Live Next Week

You better go invest in a larger hard drive. In the next few days, titles available on Games on Demand are about to receive a deep discount.
Trine 2 Directors Cut

Frozenbyte Spreads The Love With 25% Off Trine 2: Director’s Cut

Developer Frozenbyte is giving Wii U users a limited time 25% discount on Trine 2: Director’s Cut for Wii U.


The Best Video Games To Play With The One You Love

It’s that time of the year where we show the people we love how much they really mean to us.

Get Ready To Celebrate Twisted Metal’s First PS3 Birthday

To celebrate the one year anniversary of Sweet Tooth and his demented buddies on the PS3, the entire Twisted Metal series is discounted on PSN starting today (February 12th) until next week.

Celebrate The All-Star Weekend With NBA 2K13 Deals

The 2013 NBA All-Star game begins on February 15th, and 2K Sports is celebrating by throwing a week-long sale on NBA 2K13 content.

The Mystery Box Giveaway

The Mystery Box Giveaway

We spent a whole weekend digging through out collection of video games and gaming memorabilia in order to make room for the new titles being released in 2013.
Favorite Forgotten THQ Titles

Favorite Unappreciated THQ Published Titles

It is always a sad day in the gaming community when a beloved publisher closes its doors.
Playstation Plus membership deal

Sign Up For a 1-Year of PS Plus, Get 3 Months Free

Sony continues to start off the new year with some great offers

30th anniversary wii u video games

Classic Games Available for 30 Cents on Wii U eShop

To commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Nintendo Entertainment System, Nintendo will make one game available on the Wii U eShop for $0.30
13 For '13 deal on PSN

PSN’s 13 for ’13 Sale Brings Some Great Deals

Sony is kicking off the new year with a big sale on some of the great PS3 games and movies of 2012.
Pre order deal at Microsoft store

Pre-order Select Xbox 360 Titles, Get Free 1600 MSP

Planning on picking up some of the upcoming big name releases of 2013?

Dmc at Best Buy

Buy DmC Devil May Cry, Get Resident Evil 6 for $9.99

When Ninja Theory’s take on the Devil May Cry series first debuted, it hit the internet like the least popular kid showing up at a party.
2K games sale xblm

XBLM Kicks Off Huge 2K Sales Week

Aside from the free DLC for XCOM, publisher 2K Games has a huge selection of games and add-ons on sale this week.
retro city rampage discount

Celebrate Christmas By Going On A Rampage

After all the money you have spent on other people this holiday season, it’s time for you to treat yourself.

kinect party double fine

Kinect Party Free For A Limited Time

Double Fine proved that they were capable of making great Kinect games when they released Double Fine Happy Action Theater for the kinect earlier this year.
red vs blue season 10 post

Win Red Vs. Blue Season 10!

Project Freelancer casts a mighty long shadow. In nine seasons of Red vs. Blue, the top-secret military operation has affected the lives of the Blood Gulch crew in more ways than they even know.
Best Games To Help Shed Those Extra Holiday Pounds

Best Games To Help Shed Those Extra Holiday Pounds

Does the holiday season leave you feeling bloated like a Boomer from Left 4 Dead? Luckily, we partnered with the latest fitness website, theheadlock.com to show you how a little exergaming can help get you back in shape.

clever beans indie spotlight

Q&A with Clever Beans

Clever Beans is an independent development studio based in the North West of England, headed by Martin Turton and Andrew Newton.

Q&A with Different Tuna

We had the pleasure to meet up with Gordon Midwood of Different Tuna. After making a few Flash games in the late 1980s, Gordon turned his hand to the iPhone, on which he made the non-multiple award winning rhythm game lilt line.

Why You Should Be Excited For The Wii U

The iPhone 5 was not the only hi-tech gadget that racked up massive pre-orders, Nintendo’s new Wii U gaming console are already nearly sold out of pre-orders at online retailers across the United States.


Q&A with My Owl Software

This month’s Indie Spotlight developer is the “zero-budget video game development company” My Owl Software.
broken ps3 controller

The Most Frustrating Video Games

We at postitgamer.com will like to admit something to our readers..sigh..we’ve all participated in Controller Abuse at least one time while playing a video game.

Why You Should Be Looking Forward To…

Playing a video game based on sleeping dogs would be extremely boring but that is not what the newest M-rated, open-world video game from Square Enix is all about.


Q&A with Milkstone Studios

To kick off our new Indie Spotlight section on postitgamer.com we recently did an interview with Alejandro González, developer and webmaster at Milkstone Studios. Currently only creating games for Xbox LIVE Indie Games, Milkstone Studios is a joint collaboration between Alejandro (WaaghMan) and Miguel Herrero Obeso (Soy1Bonus).

Day One DLC: Are Gamers Being Tricked?

“The other key thing is selling digital content on the day of launch… When we sold Mass Effect 3 back in March, we saw a 40% attach rate that first week to DLC at GameStop in the United States. Not only are you selling a $60 game… you’re selling $20 DLC, so the sale becomes […]