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About Us

We are gamers who love playing video games, whether it’s the latest indie title or the next installment in an established franchise. Our articles are written by gamers, for gamers, to give them the information they need to decide whether a game is worth the time and money.

Our reviews do not pander to established franchises nor do we pretend to be journalists who love to use a thesaurus to write an article. We are a core group of people who all share the same passion for video games and will give an honest opinion about a game. Our goal is to be the trusted source for up-to-date video game news, player-focused reviews and quirky, original content you cannot find anywhere else.

We’ve created because we love video games and in the end we hope you will continue to come back so that we can keep you posted on everything video game related.

Site Breakdown

The Basics:

News – Our News section is catered toward the gamer and not the video game industry. We scout the internet collecting the latest announcements on video games, from console to mobile. No gossip or rumors posted here, we will save that for the other sites.

Previews – The Previews section gives gamers an in-depth look at what to expect, including all the details to satisfy a gamer’s hunger. Anticipating the release of an upcoming titles? Than make sure you check back often for exclusive screenshots.

Reviews – We know time is precious and we all have lots of games to play. In our Reviews section we supply a star rating and an honest opinion about a game; we keep it short and sweet so gamers can get back to what they love most: playing video games. Click here for review guidelines.

Featured and Original Content:

Culture Shock – Get ready to take a trip into the minds our our team. From gaming pet peeves to pronouncing their love of a series, Culture Shock is considered our gaming journal. Be warned, the nerd rage will be present.

Deals – In partnership with Dealzon, we will be bringing you the best deals on the web.

Indie Spotlight – Everybody needs to start somewhere. At Indie Spotlight we highlight a new developer and explain why we feel he or she should be kept on every gamer’s radar.

Gamer Fame – the place to be if you want to your 15 minutes of fame. We showcase the coolest, most awesomeness gamers around and we give you a little insight about who they are and their gaming habits. Want to be featured or nominate someone? Send us a message in the contact area above.

Off The Shelf – Not all video games receive an equal amount of attention when released. In Off The Shelf, we replay games from the past and discuss what we loved and hated about them.

Lists – Everybody loves lists and we’re no exception.

Thanks for stopping by the site, tell your friends, leave a comment, and come back often.

~The post it gamer Team